Tax Giants is a group of experienced tax professionals, who have combined talents and resources under a single banner, with the express purpose of providing the best tax preparation service possible. From the preparation of the simple individual tax return to the more difficult, involved Tax Forms, the Tax Giants are trained, equipped, and ready to assist. The Tax Giants can prepare any tax return, whether Federal, State, Local, Territory, and International. (Many Canadian citizens turn to the Tax Giants for assistance with their tax preparation needs.)


The Tax Giants are dedicated to successfully assisting taxpayers across America to resolve their tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service. Because of the Tax Giants’ many years of professional experience in the tax industry, and inside knowledge of how the IRS works, the Tax Giants have developed a fool-proof, customized system for dealing with the IRS that resolves most client problems with favorable results.


Our name says it all. Each of our tax experts is a giant in the industry. The Tax Giants are constantly attending seminars, conferences, and conventions throughout the year so as to stay abreast of all the changes in the tax laws. Our only job is tax resolution - nothing more - so Tax Giants are able to devote all of our energies to our clients’ tax problems.

The Tax Giants have a highly diverse client base throughout the country and even internationally. The Tax Giants’ services extend beyond resolving problems for individual taxpayers, as the Tax Giants have eliminated or reduced taxes in many instances for businesses and non-profit organizations. Many large corporations, partnerships, and even churches have relied on Tax Giants for relief when faced with the IRS’ wrath. Long after most other professionals have gone to bed, the Tax Giants are still available (up to midnight most nights other than the weekends) to talk about your problems.


The IRS is the largest collection agency in America, with the full backing of the Federal government and all of their resources at its disposal. So if you have to face this mammoth organization it would be most comforting to know that you have a Tax Giant on your side, fully equipped and ready to do battle for you We want to give you that reassurance that you can win. Yes, you can!



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